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Why did we decide to change our name for hillo?

With Nicolas, we launched the healsy project nearly 3 years ago with, the clear ambition to improve the lives of patients suffering from diabetes. Back then, it was this idea that brought out the name "healsy", as a contraction for "healthy made easy". But today, although everyone is used to this name, we decided to change it.

It's a nostalgic moment and a real turning point in our history! This name was important to us for many reasons, and in particular because it is the name we originally chose. It has accompanied us from the beginning, in difficult and happy times, and it is associated with many of the successes of our project. It is time for us to turn this page, but we saw that as a great opportunity to refocus on our values ​​and on what we wish to transmit.

The initial idea was simple: to find a short name, which conveys a positive message easily transposable to appeal to the main markets we target (Europe and US).

We decided to involve the entire team but reaching a consensus among 20 employees is not easy, it could easily go into every direction possible without finding a name everybody would relate and identify to. We then drafted a battle plan to help us in staying focused on the values ​​of our company and the image we want to convey.

Our work is dedicated to improving the daily lives of patients with diabetes, our main goal being to help them regulate their blood sugar effectively and without effort, a function normally performed by the islets of Langerhans.

The whole team began to look for ways to write or pronounce islet in different languages​​... But we also had in mind what patients live through – ups and downs, highs and lows, because yes, the condition is extremely complicated to manage... The DNA of our firm is precisely to develop solutions, based on true artificial intelligence, which will help them through these difficulties. The spelling became obvious then: HIgh | LOw to finally give "hillo", itself close to “Ilots” (pronounced \i.lo\), the French for islets.

That name sums up perfectly what and who we are:

· Pronunciation: even in English it is pronounced as you would pronounce the word "islet" in French, we are becoming international, but we are above all French and proud to be!

· At the service of the patient first and foremost: the solution which helps avoiding highs and lows.

· AI for good: we are a real Artificial Intelligence company, and this is not only for marketing purposes like so many companies who wrongly claim to work in the AI space only because it's trendy, it's part of our DNA!

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