Because each patient is different,

a personalized approach is needed.

Mobile App
Decision-support for patients

Connected logbook

Track lifestyle data (activity, meal)

Real-time prediction to anticipate risks

Personalized advice


Custom AI-based Model
Patented process

Patient specific model trained with less than 10 days of data.

Decision-support for care team

Patients follow-up (AGP, A1c, time in range)

Personalized therapeutic education

Better insights on glycemia fluctuation

Understand each patient glycemic response


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The team behind the scene.


Stéphane Bidet

CEO & Co-founder

Stéphane graduated with a master’s degree from UTC (Technical University of Compiègne). He then worked 1 year as a research engineer at the University of Queensland (Australia), 2.5 years as software engineer in a Californian mobile/web software house (Hands-on Mobile), and then he worked as sales manager and business unit director in a leading European consulting firm.Fields of expertise: mobile app development, sales and business development.

Pr. Eric Renard

Diabetes specialist

Pr. Eric Renard is world renowned endocrinologist, Head of the Department of Endocrinology, Diabetes and Nutrition, Lapeyronie University Hospital, Montpellier, France. His main field of clinical research is focused on intensive insulin therapy aiming at physiological insulin delivery. He devoted a large part of his work on developing insulin pump therapy and development of tools for continuous blood glucose monitoring. In years 2000-2007, he investigated in diabetic humans the first model of fully implantable artificial endocrine pancreas. His recent research includes participation in European FP7 Projects ‘DIAdvisor’, ‘Bringing Artificial Pancreas at home’, BIOSID and in JDRF-sponsored Artificial Pancreas Project. Eric Renard authored more than 120 papers in peer-reviewed journals.

Nicolas Caleca

CSO & Co-founder

Nicolas graduated with a master’s degree from Ecole Polytechnique and ENSAE. He then worked at AREVA for 6 years as a design and development engineer, and then as a project manager. In 2013, he was hired as Technical Director in a leading European consulting firm. During more than 2 years, he managed engineering and industrial projects, from pre-sales to after-sales support, for all subsidiaries in Europe. Fields of expertise: simulation and mathematics, project management.

Dr. Marc Breton

Algorithm specialist

Dr. Marc Breton is an Associate Professor at the University of Virginia School of Medicine and the Associate Director for Research at the UVA Center for Diabetes Technology. He has been a member of UVA faculty since 2006, published over 80 articles in peer reviewed journal and holds over 30 patents, copyrights, and disclosures. His research is centered on bringing engineering techniques such as mathematical modeling, simulation, signal processing and automatic control into the field of medicine and clinical practice. He has been successful at applying these techniques to the field of diabetes technology, in particular the assessment and control of sugar levels in type 1 diabetes mellitus.



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